The Importance Of Security Risks In Smartphones

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3. Energy Efficiency:
With the passage of time a lot of improvements and developments are made but these innovations are limited to hardware and software development and very little work was done for enhancing the power consumption and storage capacity. Some applications are running at the cost of great power consumption like location sensing etc., which also affects the execution speed. These applications include GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. One of the techniques used to reduce the power consumption is cloud computing via offloading.

3.1 Energy efficiency in case of Location sensing:

Many new smartphone applications needs position information to give location-based services power. One of these applications is GPS (Global Positioning System).
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Smartphones have to face various security risks by a lot of ways. Sometimes the severity of security risk is very high, sometimes its medium and some risks affect the smartphone at a low level but it depends upon the threats causing these risks. Usually the security risks caused by unintentional disclosures of personal information, credit card numbers, passwords, decommissioned smartphones are high. And attacks by the fake applications, spyware attacks, rouge network attacks, surveillance attacks and attacks by means of malware cause a medium type of security risks for the smartphone data. Whereas network congestion causes low security risk. Whatever the severity of security risk is there, it needs to be minimized for smooth performance of smartphone. [19]
A lot of software and technologies have been developed to avoid these risks but still more research work and development is required in this connection. Generally following precautionary measures should be taken to avoid security risks:[20]
• Don’t expose your credentials to
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It currently affects 1 in every 150 American children[22]. The main symptoms of ASD are impairments in reciprocal social interaction and communication, and restricted and stereotyped patterns of interests [23]. Functional communication and forming social relationships are the most difficult and dominant problems in ASD[24]. About a third to half of individuals with autism never develop sufficient natural speech to meet their daily communication needs [25]. We have designed and developed software for smartphones that offers a new media for communicating and socializing while overcoming the shortcomings with paper pictures. There are two modes that the smartphone can be in: operational and display mode.

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