Picture Exchange Communication System

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1. After viewing a Heider-Simmel animation like the one shown during class (i.e. the film clip with the moving shapes), how might someone with ASD describe what they saw?
a. The smaller triangle moved left and then right, accelerated rapidly, and then disappeared from view, while the large triangle remained in a fixed position in the center of the box.
b. The larger triangle was the bully—it attacked the small triangle and its friend, the circle.
c. This clip depicted a family argument, where the mom and child (small triangle and circle) were being attacked, and the mom was trying to protect the child.
d. The larger triangle was aggressive and angry and the small triangle was scared.

2. Which of the following describes the concept of affordance
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School-based intervention
c. Psychodynamically-oriented treatment
d. Peer-education and training

15. What is a potential drawback to the Picture Exchange Communication System?
a. It actually prevents children from using and developing verbal language because they are so focused on the pictures.
b. It is somewhat limited in the sense that communication is bounded by the pictures available at the time—if there isn’t a picture for something, the person can’t ask for that object very easily.
c. Reliance on pictures as a form of communication is correlated with aggressive tendencies, suggesting that this intervention might increase aggression and other externalizing behaviors.
d. Few individuals with autism can actually use this system because it takes a long time to associate pictures with the actions/exchanges, and this type of learning is very challenging.

16. Professor Lerner talked about a game where people make eye contact and try to clap at exactly the same time. This tends to be a pretty easy game for typically developing individuals, but can be difficult for those with ASD. Aside from improving at this game (i.e. actually being able to clap at the same time as their partner), what else did Dr. Lerner say is observed, clinically, in individuals with autism who play this game repeatedly over
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Nothing, the goal of this game is just to improve motor coordination.
b. Nothing, this game is just for fun.
c. There is an increase in uncued eye contact outside of this game.
d. There is a decrease in frequency of restricted repetitive behaviors after playing this game.

17. If you search “social skills autism” on Amazon, your search will yield 803 books. Which one of them provides the best treatment manuals for ASD?
a. Any knowledge focused treatment manuals are good.
b. Any performance focused treatment manuals are good.
c. Any game-based treatment manuals are good.
d. Consumers should be aware that not all evidence-based treatments have been published in books, and not all treatment manuals available to the public are

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