Essay on Intuit Shapes Its Recruitment And Selection Process

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Intuit shapes its recruitment and selection process by whatever strategies they need to fulfill, since certain sets of expertise in software engineering are able to make different types of products. For instance, if Intuit needed to create the cloud for sharing accounting and personal finance platforms and documents amongst users, they are able to accomplish this by hiring software engineers and developers who have the experience and KSAs needed to fulfill this goal. They rely on these aspects heavily since they view experiences and KSAs as an indicator of future performance. Intuit targets locations that have the most concentration of software engineers, such as the Silicon Valley and other areas that are adjacent to their existing offices.

Intuit utilizes many different methods for streamlining candidates. One way that Intuit is able to accomplish this is by utilizing branding and marketing strategies to attract prospective job candidates. These marketing initiatives are intended to showcase what it is like to work at Intuit and the type of projects that they aim to work on. Another candidate streamlining strategy that Intuit utilizes is employee referrals. Employee referrals are a form of internal recruitment campaigning that is intended to find high quality talent that exists in the social circle of current employees. Intuit can use employee referrals to further increase the size of their talent pool. This also allows potential employees to see if whether or not they…

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