Essay about Interview With An Avid Sneaker Collector

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The interview that was selected for this project was from a 60 minutes episode in which Pam Oliver interviewed Victor Cruz, CC Sabathia and the main interviewee the sports executive for Jay-Z ‘s Roc Nation Sports Shawn Costner, also known as Pecas, who is an avid sneaker collector. Pecas has over 1500 pairs of sneakers that consist of autographed, rare releases, customs, and multiple pairs of his favorite sneakers. In this interview Pam used multiple technics to make him feel comfortable and gather more in-depth responses. This interview with Pecas was information gathering because Pam’s purpose was to gather as much accurate information as possible from the responses of the interviewee to help inform the viewers. The relationship started in distant form then graduated to casual. This relationship consisted of inclusion, control, and trust factor. Both the interviewer and the interviewee had control of the interview, which is a combination of approaches. Pam guided the interview with questions, but Pecas responses were in depth and with no-limit. The interaction between the two was a level 3 because his response talked about his childhood and belief that the amount of sneakers someone has a does not make them a sneakerhead. During the interview Pam gave feedback by using different listening skills to step up the following question. In watching Pam’s gestures and listening to her questions, she used listening for comprehension and evaluation. An example was of her reaction…

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