Coach Observation Report

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I am going to compare my college baseball coach to the National Standards for Athletic Coaches. Through my freshman year and also through my first semester of my sophomore I have a good idea of how my coach compares to the national standards. My coach meet a majority of the standards, but he definitely did not meet them all. First, I’m going to talk about the standards that he did meet.
The first domain that he did meet was domain three. This is the domain that included physical conditioning. As college baseball players be did a vast amount of conditioning, especially during the offseason. We did all sorts of conditioning from springs to agility based conditioning techniques to get us ready for the spring season. This running not only conditioned
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This domain relates to sport skills and tactics which involves standards 27-29. Our coach did a bunch of entire team drills not just individual drills throughout the fall and winter offseason to help all of the players get on the same page and develop as a team. This also helped him compare athletes side by side and know where to put players based on their skill to create an efficient starting lineup and team as a whole.
The next domain that our coach meet was domain seven. This domain relates to organization and administration which involves standards 30-36. Our coach did a good job of setting team goals before the season to put us on the right path of what we needed to do to have a successful season. He also set some team rules/policies that we were to follow to remain in good standing with the team and to not lose playing time.
The last domain that our coach meet was domain eight. This domain relates to evaluation which involves standards 37-40. Our coach did a good job at the end of the season with evaluation by having individual meeting with each player, going over their season, and talking with them how they and the team can improve the next year and what needs to be done by the player and the coach to have a more successful upcoming
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This domain relates to philosophy and ethics which involves standards 1-4. I don’t think our coach did a good job with focusing on the well-being of the athlete, but instead at times was more concerned about “money.” He made players turn in information for donations before they were removed and left the team so he could still send out information to get money from their sheets. He also did some other things for obtaining money that we never needed to do in the seasons before to get money and donations.
The next domain that our coach didn’t meet was domain two. This domain relates to safety and injury prevention which includes standards 5-11. I don’t think our coach was very concerned on the amount of conditioning we did and how it could relate to injuries. Throughout the fall season alone we had many injuries, some which required surgery, that were because of how much running we were doing. We ran so much this fall that some of the players’ bodies could not handle it and they were literally breaking down, tearing, pulling, etc. Even after the injuries we still did the same amount of conditioning if not

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