Essay on Interview Questions

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* Difficult situation and how you handled it * Team work results and complications * Didn’t agree with a superior * Turned a weakness into something positive * Greatest weakness and strengths * Excel projects * Analytical thinking aside from work and school * How you dealt with a difficult co-worker and how you handled it * Describe enterprise risk management * Why did you choose the university that you go to and what process did you go through to make that decision? * Give me an example of a team project in which you encountered conflict, and how you overcame it. * Tell me about a time when you prevented a mistake from happening. * Tell me about a time when you accomplished …show more content…
* Tell me a time you overcame a difficult challenge in your life? * How would you go about doing this job based on the training and experience you are bringing to us? * Consisted of basic behavioral questions, so know your strengths and weaknesses, as well as situations in which you've been a leader, worked as a team, had to influence someone, etc. The only technical question was on how much I knew about excel (pivot tables). * How do you see yourself helping the audit team as a first year employee? * Tell me about a situation where you had to work in a group setting, the challenges and the outcome * Provide an episode in your life where you had to be a team leader? How did you deal with difficult team members? * Describe a situation where you had to work in a group, and someone wasn't pulling their weight. * Why our firm? Because they are one of the finest accounting firms in the world and the experience received here would be second to none. * Why auditing? * Describe a time where you were confronted by conflict and outline the steps you took to handle that situation. * How well do you delegate duties? Answer Question * How well do you take critical reviews? Answer Question * Describe a situation where you were faced with failure and what did you do to change it? * Walk me through your resume * Why risk assurance? Because you really get to learn

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