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All computers have two key components that determine their performance and power: architecture and operating system. The architecture is how the computer receives and processes information. Moreover computer architecture includes all the components of a system, but its heart is its central processing unit (CPU) and the microprocessor chip on which that unit is based. The operating system is the interface utilized by users and programs to interact with the machine. The operating system determines whether a system is multi-tasking or single tasking, what types of programs can be run, and what type of external communications can be undertaken. Where the architecture is a hardware issue, and the operating system is a software
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We have two operating systems, Windows and Linux, let start with Linux. Before a user can install Linux, they will need to be sure their machine is Linux capable, and choose a Linux to install. The actual hardware requirements for the ideal computer system change periodically. For the Intel systems, a hardware configuration that looks like the following is required: any 80x386, 80x486, Pentium or Pentium ll processor will do. Non Intel clones of the 80x386 and up will generally work. Users will not need a math co processor, although it is nice to have one. The ISA, ELSA, VESA local Bus and PCI bus architectures are supported. The MCA bus architecture has been minimally supported since the 2.1x kernels. Users need at least 4 megabytes of memory in their machine. Linux will run only 2 megabytes, but most installations and software require 4 MB. The more memory a person has, the happier the user will be. Users will need a hard drive and an AT standard drive controller. If the user is assembling a system from scratch to run Linux, the small additional cost of SCSI is well worth it for the extra performance and reliability it brings. The user also will want a CD-ROM drive.

Windows, make computers easier to use by the everyday computer operator. An operating system allows the user to find programs, copy and delete information, and control settings without having to know the specific coding or

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