Interview Preparation And Assessment Creation Essay

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Interview Preparation and Assessment Creation
In today’s rapidly changing economy, it is vital for organizations to select the best applicants in order for the organization to be competitive and grow. Organizations must hire individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and abilities that will help the organization accomplish its mission and achieve its strategic goals. There are tools available to the organization that will help the organization select the best candidate. There are interview and non-interview selection methods available. The purpose of this paper is to help develop a selection plan for an organization that is hiring for the Human Performance Consultant position.
Selection Plan
In addition to reviewing the resumes and references for this position, the selection plan will include both an assessment test and a structured interview. Experts in the field have proven that assessment tests and interview methods for employee selection are useful to help an organization reach its objectives and goals. An assessment test is a tool that an organization could use to obtain objective information about traits of applicants that cannot be directly observed during the interviewing process (U.S. Department of Labor, 2000). It has also been proven that assessment tests could be used to predict an individual’s performance and behavior on a particular job (U.S. Department of Labor, 2000).
Assessment Test
Individuals possess different physical and psychological traits or…

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