Interpersonal Skills : An Effective Listening Skills Essay

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Interpersonal skills are critical in every life aspect of all of us, their correct use in the workplace may be critical to our success.
Below I analyze seven interpersonal skills:
Talking of communication there are two fundamental roles: listener and speaker.
So the listening skill is a basic skill of communication, It’is the ability to receive and interpret messages during a communication, avoiding to misinterpret the message of our interlocutor.
An effective listening is fundamental to all human relationships, and the work can be very much influenced by human relationships, many companies based and / or have based their success on a good listening skills. Attention, we are talking about listening not hearing, there is a huge difference between the two.
Hearing just refers to the sound that reaches our ears, listening is much more, involving all our senses, our capacities, means to interpret the unspoken, body language, tone of voice, in short non-verbal communication added to verbal communication.
There are many aspects of work influenced by a good listening skills, such great customer service, accurate feedback can lead to an improvement of its products and services, in short, a better circulation of information in the company at any department and situation is able to make the company more agile faced with unexpected internal changes, and the changed requirements of the market.
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