Essay about Interpersonal Effectiveness

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There are four components to interpersonal effectiveness, which are competence, emotional intelligence, ethics, and mindfulness. Competence is the ability to accomplish set goals. In order to feel as if one is competent, I believe motivation is a huge factor that can cause a decrease in competence. At this point in my life, I am definitely questioning my competence. I feel a complete lack of effectiveness and my motivation does tend to waiver according to my constantly changing moods (Bipolar Disorder). I know that I can accomplish the things that I put my mind to, however my contingency perspectives are lacking. Maintaining focus and motivation have become daily struggles for me.
Emotional intelligence is the ability to
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I have made great strides especially in the past year of thinking more before I speak, but I do need to continue to monitor my emotions and how I respond or react. In order for me to have a more peaceful life and fulfilling relationships. I need to continue my quest of practicing mindfulness. My strong moral values, or ethics continues to guide me on the path of being a good and just person. Academically speaking, I have the cognitive ability to accell in school and my course work. I have the tendency to get in my own way though I do feel that I have the competence to do very well in school. I definitely have to stay on top of my assignments and not procrastinate, so I do need to improve in this area. With the emotional intelligence and mindfulness that I do have, I believe I can relate easily to my peers and instructors. I may find myself needing to show less of my introverted side so that I can benefit from study groups and reach out to instructors more. At this time that I am writing this, I am unemployed and not by choice. When it does come to work, I display competence when given a job to do. I really want to work on my independence in this area. Once working, I will be honest and say I need to improve on my work ethic. Over the past 5 years, there have been too many times when I've allowed my personal life to spill over into my professional life. Despite that, I do find that I have a high

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