Internship Report Format Essay

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Internship Report Format

A Guide for the Preparation of Internship Report


The aim of this guide is to give student a clear guideline of writing their thesis after successfully completing their internee/project. One aim of the internee/ project is to enable the student to apply in a practical environment the techniques and knowledge gained during the taught component of the course.

Specifically the internee/ project report should demonstrate that the student has:

(a) Conducted a comprehensive literature search relating to the area of investigation.
(b) Synthesized and analyzed the evidence from the literature search and identified an appropriate approach to the problem specified.
(c) Demonstrated practical and
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A set of all the characters in a particular type style is called a font, e.g. Arial Bold

• Style: the custom or plan followed in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and typographic arrangement and display

The individual schools can define the following...

1. The position and convention of page numbers.
2. The typeface, font, and point size to be used in the body text.
3. The font, point size, positioning, numbering and referencing of equations.
4. Units and abbreviations
5. The convention for numbering, capitalizing, emboldening, and positioning chapter headings, sections and subsections.
6. The convention for paragraph indentation under various conditions.
7. The layout and numbering of figures and tables and their captions.
8. The convention for footnotes.
9. The notation convention for references
10. The layout of the table of contents and list of figures.
11. Maximum word limit

• The position and convention of page numbers.

Typeface: Arial Font: Arial Regular
Point Size: 12

1. Page numbers should be right justified above the body of the text with the top of the characters one half inch from the top edge of the page.

2. All pages except the title page must be numbered, including text, references, and appendices.

3. Note that cover pages for sections, including those for the bibliography, references, and appendices should not be numbered. They are

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