Internship Orientation, Experience, Activities And Experience

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Introduction The purpose of this report is to thoroughly explain the development throughout my internship and explain what areas of my knowledge have been improved since I started my internship. Some of the topics that will be covered include orientation advice, daily experiences, and communication skill enhancement. Although more topics will be covered, you cannot value enough the lessons learned while working in the real world. The experienced gained has helped me to better understand the information that was taught in the classroom.
Internship Orientation and Preparation I was very lucky to have a human resource department that thoroughly explained the detailed requirements and itinerary for my first day of internship. The most effective
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My first two weeks of internship took a lot of adapting in order to be able to wake up and arrive at work in a punctual manner. I never was late for work but it would have made my mornings easier at the beginning of my internship, had I been used to waking up early in the morning. I also arrived at my first day of orientation with questions after reading through the company handbook. I was able to have these questions addressed in a timely manner, due to the fact that I was prepared.
Activities and Experiences The primary tasks I completed during my internship included project administration, safety, cost controls and procurement. The project administration tasks that were performed on a daily basis were most valuable to my learning process. The documentation that was experienced while in COSC 353 really helped me to have a basic understanding before my internship. When I finally began to perform these tasks in the real world, I was able to understand and recognize situations that were discussed in the classroom. I didn’t necessarily understand why being so organized was so important during the class project with documentation. Although it was rather tedious, I understood this topic as I began

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