Internet Gaming Law By Nelson Rose And Martin D Owens Essay examples

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Furthermore, can gambling be consider in this case? Internet gaming law by Nelson Rose and Martin D Owens, 2005, Basis, defines gambling as “consists of any activity with three elements: consideration, chance, and prize. If any one or more of these elements is missing, the activity is not gambling” following the definition in the same chapter it also says the following: “Even if a game costs money to enter and therefore has “consideration,” and the winner will receive a thing of value, a “prize,” the contest is technically not gambling if skill predominates over luck in determining the winner.” it later explains that a sport can be run as a skill game, stating it usually requires that the game to be conducted as a tournament, in the case Greenacres Country Club sponsored a tournament and that is explain since the start. The plaintiff paid the requisite entrance fee to enter to the tournament and it has consideration however by him scoring the hole-in-one is not pure luck, although luck might play a role such a weather being on your favor more specifically wind that helps you push the ball and aim but wind can also unfavor you and be too harsh to push ball more than it should, but it 's no doubt that skill dominate in golf, in order to score the hole-in-one he had to practice and better off his skills on throwing the swing to hit the ball the right way to direct it towards the hole, the candidate did not just throw the ball randomly he had to measure and change his…

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