Internet Censorship Essay

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Internet is one of the most powerful means of communication in the history of humankind. It brings people together and has potential sources of information as well as entertainment. Besides, it has a lot of dangers and harms for the users (especially for children). In Australia, the idea of ‘internet censorship’ began since 2003 by the Australia’s prominent think tank when researched about online habit of Australian teenagers and the dangers related to internet. This essay will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of internet censorship plan in Australia.

The Australian internet censorship plan has some advantages. First of all, it protects children out of trouble with the daily life, online child abuse as well as pornography
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According to Williams-Wynn C, in 2005 the most reliable ISP level filtering would cost at least $79 million to establish and in access of $30 million per year to run. Moreover, the initial cost that include purchasing and installing the required hardware and software will vary with the size of the ISPs, this lead to the smaller ISPs will have difficulty for competing in the market.

In conclusion, internet censorship is very necessary to protect our children out of harms from internet as well as the government can control the online child abuse rate. However, the ways that Australian government set up with the ISP filter plan is unnecessary and waste a lot of money as well as the less supports of citizens and internet companies. The government just only control the quality of internet by granting and encouraging the ISPs to offer a filter for addition contents. Moreover, they can set up compulsory internet filter in the public sectors such as schools, libraries with the aims of protecting children out of the trouble. The children should be protected by the families in using the internet filters of each family and this is responsibility of parent with their children. Each family which have children, they know how to protect and encourage their children.


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