Interaction Involving Constructive Criticism And The Encountered Hurdles

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One important skill that leads to professional growth is the ability to accept constructive criticism. When recognized and reflected upon this feedback from a peer or superior can lead to learning and growth. There are obstacles to overcome to prevent defensiveness and promote the gaining of knowledge when receiving feedback. An open mind and a thoughtful analysis of input from others are essential. This essay will examine an interaction involving constructive criticism and the encountered hurdles. Preparation for the meeting as well as any needed adjustments during will be explored. There will also be consideration of the lessons learned. With an open mind with regards to constructive criticism, both personal and professional growth can be attained.
Receiving Constructive Criticism in a Professional Setting

Every day, in every aspect of life, criticism is encountered. The feedback can be positive or negative. The negative dimension of this outside analysis can be a hard to accept. However, in a professional atmosphere, it needs to be used as a tool to improve. Without a thorough understanding of how to communicate, the value of this powerful mechanism can be lost. In particular, preparation, when time permits, can help avoid common barriers to the proper intake of criticism. With the preparation for the sound absorption, analysis, and use of constructive criticism, significant professional growth can occur. Conversely, without the proper basis and understanding, the…

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