Interaction Amongst Individuals : How Does It Really Work? Essay

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Interaction Amongst individuals: How does it really Work?
Individuals within a community have to work together as one for the common goal of a healthy living unit for all. This can only be achieved by letting go of ratification and working as a whole towards this goal healthy living. Ratification is when people look for a facts and approval of the explanation another individual is giving them. Terrance Brunk, English professor and author of “Reading, Ratification, and Risk” goes into great depth about the cycle of ratification. Ratification is when people look for a fact to the explanation that someone is giving to them. People ratify all the time because closemindedness is one of the main things that society is encountered with. He talks about how people look for ratification in others thoughts making it very hard to grow beyond what an individual already knows. He explains how ratification keeps people from being open-minded. First and second language within a community have a very large range of close-mindedness or open-mindedness. Many of the times it is “we” versus “me” or vice versa. Sociologist and writer of “Community, Commitment, and Individuality” talks about first and second language within communities and how they have to work together to get the common goal that the community needs to function as healthy productive living unit among individuals. Once the individuals among the community lets go of ratification first and second language can pursue a…

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