Analysis Of Imagination And Community By Marilynne Robinson

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Essay 1 Throughout the course of this first half of the semester we have read over multiple different readings by different authors that all have intertwined such as “The Framework for Information Literacy”(FIL) as well as “Only Connect” . “Imagination and Community” by Marilynne Robinson is a short essay we read over earlier this semester that brings up the question of our community and of those who make it up. One of Robinson’s biggest concerns is that her imagination of a community of acceptance and diversity can not be achieved. Putting it all together the FIL emphasization of consuming and producing information and the qualities of a liberal education from Only Connect give us the traits necessary for the community in which Robinson talks about.
Diving a little deeper into this intertwining of writings starting first with FIL. When talking about the FIL it’s important to answer the question of how it, “promotes an understanding of the increasingly complex information
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If a community is to come together it takes the qualities mentioned above by Cronon to solidify it as one.
Beginning first with the quality of listening and hearing. As we progress through society we are seeing communities more and more diverse throughout the world, and particularly prevalent in American cities. With this diversity comes many different cultures and customs that we are all not familiar with. If these communities full of diversity are to coexist it is essential for people to listen and hear. Without that understanding side of an individual these cultures would have a hard time coexisting. We need to give our attention and open up our ears to others in the community if we want the community of Robinson’s

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