Inter Professional Practice Is Essential For Providing Optimum Health Outcomes For Patients With Chronic Diseases

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Inter-professional practice is a collaborative process that is vital for providing optimum health outcomes for patients. Inter-professional practice occurs when healthcare providers from all different professions form a team to work with patients and families. This ensures that positive and comprehensive care is provided (Stone, 2009). Studies show that inter-professional practice can improve the health care are provided to mental health patients and patients with chronic diseases. There are many professional roles that form a healthcare team, with each professional playing an integral part in improving the patient outcome. Inter-professional communication between practices is essential for this system to work.
The use of inter-professional practices in health care greatly benefits patients, patient caregivers and caring team members. The World Health Organisation stated in an article on the importance of inter-professional practice.
Inter-professional education and collaborative practice can positively contribute to some of the world’s most urgent health challenge and provide a unique opportunity for all levels in the health and education systems to reflect on how…to strengthen health system performance and improve health outcomes (Hopkins, 2010, p. 14).
As a result of this practice, inter-professional teams are more coordinated meaning patients are more often referred to an appropriate specialist, this improves the safety of patients and the likelihood that there condition…

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