Essay on Intelligence Is More Than Just One Ability

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The topic of intelligence can be described as one of the most controversial subjects in psychology, this is because a single definition of what intelligence is can never be agreed upon (Kleinman, 2012). Psychologists like Charles Spearman believe it to be a single ability whereas Howard Gardener believes intelligence is more than just one ability. Similarly, the concept of creativity is very hard to define as Amabile, 1996 (cited in Maley & Bolitho, 2015) states, ‘a clear and sufficiently detailed articulation of the creative process is not yet possible’.
Creativity can often be recognised in a person as having the quality of being creative and this is very similar to intelligence, as you can often recognise a person having the quality of intelligence. The concept of creativity is described by Maley, 2003 (cited in Maley & Bolitho, 2015) as the following ideas; ‘making something new’, ‘perceiving old things in new ways’, ‘finding new connections’, or ‘evoking pleasurable surprise’. Intelligence also can mean many things, Liungman, 1957 defined it as “an inherited characteristic which “exists” in the brain”. This characteristic is different for all and can decide many things including how an individual might learn or how easily they can understand complicated ideas (Liungman, 1975). Another meaning, stated by Sternberg & Kaufman, 1998 (cited in Myers & DeWall, 2015) is that “people assign the term intelligence to the qualities that enable success in their own time and…

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