Essay about Intellectual Patents : An Effective Way Of Seed Control

1344 Words Nov 10th, 2014 null Page
Intellectual patents are widely in use in many industries today. There are markets that are less known such as the ones that are seed control. These types of patents can harm all life on earth and have the ability to destroy biodiversity. Through the use of the intellectual patents companies use them to control how their genetically modified seeds are being used and to help secure future assets that come along with controlling how the farmers use the seed in a way that will provide the companies with a yearly income after the growing season 's end. The use of intellectual patents on GM seeds is harmless as long as the companies don 't take advantage of how they are used. When patents are used in the way they are not supposed to be is when patents become a burden on all who are involved in the making and using of these GM seeds. The way these companies use their intellectual patents is not an effective way of seed control because it infringes on the farmers ' rights, destroys the ecosystem of the farms, and creates monopolies. GMO 's and seeds are created by large corporations, these corporations usually have a controlling interest in the creation of all seeds on the market. Intellectual patents on these seeds are used to help these companies keep control of how their seeds are used by farmers and to keep them under control by not allowing them to use the seeds more than one growing season. Monsanto is a company that is widely known in the GMO seed business, because it has…

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