Patience In Early Childhood Education Essay

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The first inner quality that I value is patience. This inner quality is extremely important for childhood educators because in order to understand children one must be able to be patient and put themselves in a child’s shoe to see how they see the world. Children deserve educators that care and appreciate them and not educators who are just doing their job because they have to. There are various of ways to demonstrate patience in order to be a successful childhood educator. The first strategy to display this value is “giving the children a sense of place.” It takes time for young children to get used to certain environments and as an educator one needs to be patient when it comes to gaining this quality. In order to be successful in that you can furnish your program/classroom to make the environment feel more home like to the children instead of a school like environment. Use furniture that is the appropriate size for children to make them feel like they belong. Label shelves in a way where they can make their own choices and understand …show more content…
Choose materials where the children can play and use the objects in multiple ways. By doing this the children can learn how to “experience with their senses, invent new possibilities, and investigate their questions” (Doran). Childhood educators need to understand that not all children are the same, and not all children will want to use materials the same way. Children will feel more excited to explore new materials if they are able to manipulate them to become whatever they desire it to be. Through engagement “children focus on activities and materials that interests them.” In order to help children be active in everyday play, educators must be patient to find new and intriguing materials that will help keep the children involved in

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