Graduation Speech: Helpful Or Harmful?

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1. Suckerfish

"Fuck" is all I can say while reading the time and day on the home screen of my iPhone. I overslept. Today. Technically I'm supposed to be taking an Algebra II exam right now, but that didn’t exactly go as planned. It's supposed to be really important, but in the last couple of months I've managed to completely fuck up my entire life. I’ve lost track of everything. According to my iPhone, it's mid-June, which means that we are in end of school year exam time, but I'm just so over Junior year and Sevenhill Academy in general. I still have one year left here, that is, if I don't get expelled because I am pretty much failing all of my classes. Except for PE. But then again, I am taking Yoga and I am pretty good at laying on some
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We met through mutual friends at a McGregor meadow party and immediately hit it off. Meaning he sells drugs, and I buy drugs. It‘s that easy to be friends with someone, really. Doug is kind of on the short side, maybe reaching 5’’7 on a good day. With his naturally blond hair, which he wears in a crew cut, he sort of resembles a circa 1999 Eminem, but sadly lacking the „sexy-dangerous“ kind of vibe. I know that he‘s had a crush on me ever since we met, but I don‘t really see that happening ever. On the other hand, he‘s rich and sells drugs, so that‘s always a turn-on. He‘s 18 years old and drives a champagne colored 1987 BMW with a carphone, which is pretty chic. …show more content…
Entering the woods at a speed I never thought I could run at, I see a shape moving slowly towards me and before I can even attempt to halt my tempo, I'm smacking in to somebody, taking them to the ground with me. I should try out for football. "Dude, what the fuck?" A muffled sound says from beneath me and I recognize that deep sexy voice immediately, I would recognize it anywhere, every time. "OMG, I'm SO sorry, Damien" I say, coming to myself, trying to get off of Damien, extending my hand to help him up. Damien looks me up and down and sort of smiles and moves closer to me, embracing me in a super tight hug, that lasts kind of too long, given our history. "I'm actually really glad we bumped into each other" he says, laughing "What were you running from, dude?" he asks. "Well, to be perfectly honest, I was running from you, which is kind of ironic now" I

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