Informational Review Of Career Research Paper

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Informational Review Career Research Paper
I work for Midwest Express and have been there for 26 years. I work with scanners, printers and computers for my job. While working with these items, I see so many possibilities for improvement of tracking our inventory and improving our company. At home I have computerized die cutting machines that I love working with for my card-making and scrapbooking. I like the idea of creating something for a machine to do something for someone. I thought long and hard and decided it was time for a change. My husband told me to go back to school and do something with computers. Since I am in the auto industry, I am going to try to stay in it. But where do I start? I looked at many schools and finally decided on Marion Technical College or MTC for short. A fellow co-worker, Kim Miller, told me to do the Skills for Success first. I enrolled in the spring of 2013 and I took the Career Assessment (Marion Technical College Career Coach, 2013). After taking it I looked to see what fields of work were a match for me. I looked at Web Developer, Computer Programmer, Computer Operator and Computer Information Technology and Software Development. I felt Computer Information Technology and Software Development was the one for me to get started even though it said it was a weak one for me and I would work hard to make it my strong.
After choosing this I looked to see what fit this title. I found Computer Network Support Specialist to be close to what I…

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