Information Technology For Hr Planning Essay

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One of the class discussions that stood out me was and I found I could relate too was Information Technology for HR Planning.
I found this chapter to be very informative because the workforce along with career roles are constantly changing. In the human resource field and many others technology is becoming the leading force of change. Technology now may imply a complete take over of a certain job and this could mean your position will no longer exist. Being accurately informed about the role technology plays in your field will be a great benefit to your organizations as well as your job.
Our textbook states that “according to industry is becoming an unthinkable proposition” which indicates that technology and human resources will either at some completely 50/50 or even more so 80/20 which for human resource students like my self can be frightening as this may 1} have you reconsider the field of human resource or 2} wonder the value of “human” in human resource. At this point in many job, human resources included the actually definition is just that “all of the hardware and software, including networking and communication technologies” however technology is advance and constantly replacing manual processes which on so many levels mean the human process will sooner or later no longer be their.
Technology affects human resources on so many levels that its very hard to see technology not being 80 percent of human resource job.
Technology is now a huge part of the recruiting…

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