The HR Service Delivery Model Proposed By Ulrich

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3. Analysis and Findings
3.1 HR Service Delivery Model
HR Service Delivery Model is a three legged stool structure proposed by Ulrich. In this, the HR department is divided into three: HRBP (HR Business Partner), COE (Centres of Expertise) and Shared services. So, as per this model there are three means or mechanism to provide service to the business units or clients. This model is also called HR service delivery model.

There are three basic means or mechanisms of HR service delivery to business / clients:

1. HR business partners or strategic partners
2. Centres of Expertise (COE)
3. HR Shared Services

Fig. 1

The above figure shows the HR Service Delivery Model, the three basic mechanisms to deliver HR service to business through
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• Process definition
• Role / Capability requirements

Implementation ------ • Process transformation
• People transition
Evaluation Results • Impact Assessment
• Plan for Continuous Improvement

Tab. 1
Questionnaire for primary research was created based on these phases of transformation. The questionnaire is present in the Appendix.

In the subsequent sections, the findings from both the primary and secondary research are shown for each phase of transformation to HR Service delivery model. The primary research was done in four organizations – HSBC, CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions), Flextronics and EY.
3.2.1 Phase 1: Need Assessment

This is the first phase in the transformation process. It basically aims at understanding the need to change to HR service delivery model, the primary drivers driving the change. Various processes are followed to understand the need. Following shows the primary drivers of change and the need assessment process used by various organizations

 Primary Drivers for Change

Below are the primary drivers for change to a HR Service Delivery model in various organizations. They range from simple cost reduction to moving HR to a strategic role and addressing the critical needs of the business like multiplying

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