Information Management And Human Resource Management Essay

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Modern organizations have been increasingly regarding knowledge as the priority because most of the empirical paradigms have proved that knowledge can bring considerably high standard performance to organizations (Uriarte, 2008). Thus, managing knowledge inside companies is currently an important topic to study. Information management and human resource management are two main aspects of knowledge management (KM) where organizations can create and utilize innovative ideas by transforming tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge. The aim, obviously, is to make organizational knowledge more productive and enlarge organizations’ competitive advantage. In fact, companies with successful knowledge management often clearly recognize learning and sharing knowledge are essential objectives (Call, 2005). So, it can be inferred that learning and sharing knowledge in organizations are the core of knowledge management. Therefore, this essay is going to critically define the importance of both focusing on learning in organizations and sharing knowledge among employees, as well as to demonstrate it is very essential to build a culture of learning organization for sustainable competitive advantage.
Organizations which emphasize learning are able to eliminate the risk of repeating empirical mistakes and employees turnovers to a large extent (Gorelick Milton and April, 2004). Because most of those negative company phenomena are related to the lack of knowledge in organizations. For example,…

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