Informatics And The Dynamic Field Of Complex Information Gathering Will Affect Nursing

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In this final paper, we were asked to look at and answer three questions, to the best of our knowledge, as it pertains to current and future aspects of how the ever growing world of informatics and the dynamic field of complex information gathering will affect nursing as we move forward.

• What influence does informatics have in nursing? Informatics is something that will influence nurses across the broad as it is more and more interrogated into medical facilities. This dynamic way of gathering and sharing information will not only be something that we will see just in hospitals but we will soon be seeing it more and more in small clinics as we heard from our previous guest speaker Vicki Brantly. Informatics will touch aspects of almost every nurse’s daily care plan, as the fast-forward button has been pushed to convert older paper charting to the new electronic type medical records. Nurses will have a large impact on the development and use of the ever-changing computer programs that hospitals and other facilities use because, these programs need to be user friendly, easy to navigate, and “this type of progress will only occur when we employ principles of human factors to influence the functioning of technological systems and require that clinician workflow factors drive system design and implementation” (Thede, L. 2012).

• What changes do you predict informatics will effect in health care, and what role will nursing play in those changes? Trying to make predictions as…

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