Influence Of Leadership : Leadership, One Who Guides, Motivates Others

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1. Influences: Leadership, one who guides, motivates, inspires others. One who unleashes or reveals the potentials of others who collectively push toward a common goal. In my career, I have been influenced by many great leaders. I’ve always been drawn to those whose expectations seemed far greater than my abilities. One in particular took me on as a problem child of sorts. I had recently experienced Captain’s Mast, been reduced, and removed from my crew. Although the stories were greater than the truth, he continued to take me on when others I thought once supported me faded. He was an impatient man who didn’t have time for anything that detracted me from getting back in the saddle as the leader he expected me to be. I continue to seek guidance and apply lessons he taught me about not letting up expecting more.

2. Leadership Behaviors: I’ve always thought I enjoyed the “hate me now, love me later” style of leadership I presented. I accepted that people weren’t going to see instant results or had a perception that I pushed them harder than others. In the end, whether it was a test, panel, or selection, they recognized the effort expended paid off. I recognize now that people wish to see the motives of my drive for their careers earlier. When I requested participants to conduct the Leadership Practice Inventory (LPI) I knew some risk was involved knowing how I can be perceived. I was pleasantly surprised that my preconceived notions were incorrect and others recognized my…

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