Coast Guard Leadership Analysis

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1. The Coast Guard has Core values of Honor, Respect and Devotion to duty; certainly these values are needed in a superior leader. A leader needs to gain the respect of those that are expected to follow; as a result of gaining respect, they will want to follow rather than have to follow. This makes for an extremely effective team effective that is willing to perform at their highest capacity. A leader can be defined as an individual that gains the trust, confidence, and respect of other individuals; thus making these individuals want to follow their leader. 2. The Coast Guard has developed countless exceptional leaders; thus being led by these individuals helps develop your own leadership styles. The leaders that influenced me the most …show more content…
While I was reflecting on this paper I realized why this can be difficult for me to share an exciting dream of the future. I can sum it up in one word, change. The world is changing in numerous ways, little and large likewise, I need to accept these changes. One of the biggest influences I have found on leadership can come from terrible leaders. Some of these awful influences came from leaders that were older; also they would not accept change. I now see myself wanting to hold on to those old “ways”. I need to be accepted of change, find the value of it and promote that to others. In Kouzes and Posner’s book titled “Coaches Guide to Developing Exemplary Leaders” gives some good quality suggestions. It says to “tell the Word” and “find Passion on the Streets”. I need to be around more passionate people and find out more about them. By surrounding myself with these people I will have a more positive opinion on the changes going on around me; subsequently I can share this positive opinion by presenting our organization’s future with others. This can be accomplished by addressing the crew more during our morning muster or quarters. From my leadership influences I see a leader as someone with less words and more …show more content…
I also need to develop cooperative relationships among the people I work with. I say this because I have been told I am sometimes not approachable. This usually comes from the crew members I do not work with every day. I have been told I am intimidating, this is because I am an introvert hence; I do not talk much. I have a hard time going up to someone and striking up a conversation with them. This leadership skill is extremely significant for a Command Chief position. I will use Kouzes and Posner’s suggestion to “fit in everyday”. I will need to walk the halls more and interact with members not in my department. I will also have lunch at different tables with the crew. During my time at the Senior Enlisted Leadership School I enjoyed sitting at the lunch table with the new recruits and just listening to their goals and dreams, hopefully giving superior advice to them on how to achieve their

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