Personal Narrative: My Cousin Triston

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Humans are flawed; humans lie, cheat, steal, and for all of their good qualities always have issues. These character traits aren’t specific to a single person, everyone has them. People are also filled with love, compassion, kindness, and all sorts of other things that make them nothing short of amazing. My cousin Triston played an amazing role in my life before he passed away prematurely, but the impact he had has shaped me into who I am today. Triston had his faults like all of us, but he had the special qualities that make sure you can never forget him. He was intelligent and passionate and never did anything halfway, but these qualities aren’t what I personally will remember him for. Triston will always be remembered by me for his talent for listening, his willingness to offer advice, and his love for his common man. Everyone loves to tell their stories, and no matter how sad or happy the story was, Triston was always willing to listen to your story in its entirety without comment, which was one of his greatest assets. Anybody that knew him would tell you that Triston could and would talk for days if you …show more content…
So far, I’ve told you about Triston as a listener and as a giver of advice, but both of these topics could be combined to fall under this category as well. Why would you listen to the problems of others and do your best to help them if you didn’t love them on some level? As easy as it is to be spiteful or hate someone, he always loved the people that he met. I have definitely witnessed him speaking vulgar of others, but there was never an individual that he didn’t have at least one singular good thing he could say about them. Triston always looked for the best in people, even when it wasn’t there, and knowledge of that fact is all the evidence you need when you look at his love for the people that he

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