Improving The Training Programs And The Teachers ' Rights Essay

1041 Words Sep 30th, 2015 null Page
According to data gathered by the National Center for Education Statistics in 2015, there are about 50.1 million public school students and 3.1 million teachers in the United States. When the number of teachers is not enough to meet the demand for teaching, the student/teacher ratio will raise. To the recruiting more effectively, we need to improve the training programs and the teachers ' rights. Moreover, we also have to enhance the quality of working environment together with the academic freedom for the teaching profession. In the early 19th century, the National Education Association introduced tenure. Before tenure, teachers could be fired for personal, religious, race, political reasons, or the teachers’ public speak-outs. Tenure is simply a contractual right to protect teachers from unfair expulsion for arbitrary or unjustified reasons (Robertson 465). Furthermore, tenure is only granted to teachers after a reasonable working period. We shouldn’t eliminate tenure system because it protects teachers from unfair dismissal, helps school administrators work more effectively, and attracts people to the teaching profession.
First, tenure protects teachers from unfair dismissal. Teachers cannot be fired after a few complaints from problematic students and their parents. Teachers also cannot be fired if they miss their class because of some emergencies, such as a child with a high fever in school and the teacher must pick up the child, or teachers’ auto accidents, or…

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