Improving The Quality Of Health Care And The Performance Of The Healthcare System

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Quality outcomes
Both candidates emphasize on improving the quality of health care and the performance of the healthcare system. Each would like to see more transparency from doctors and hospitals about the prices they charge for their services. Clinton proposes dedicating more resources to ensuring that people in poor neighborhoods and rural areas have access to primary care services. And she wants greater integration of mental health services and physical health care. Clinton’s proposal to expand PPACA would definitely enhance quality based outcome. PPACA established the framework for application of patient safety and quality measures. For instance, PPACA authorizes Medicare to reduce payments to acute care hospitals with excess readmissions and worst performing hospitals with respect to hospital-acquired infections. There is a clear incentive for providing high quality service. Trump proposes a health plan that will return authority to the states and operate under free market principles. Trump wants to provide more choice to the buyer and keep plans portable and affordable. Trump’s idea of free market principle can lead to competition and may keep the prices contained. But with lack of framework for patient safety and quality measures, re-admissions for selected high-cost or high-volume conditions and procedures can be seen as revenue opportunity by some providers.
Value-based reimbursements
One of the feature of PPACA was to move US healthcare system…

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