Improving Social Welfare Through Public Education By Thomas E. Patterson

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Regarding “Poverty In America And Improving Social Welfare Through Public Education” by Thomas E. Patterson I thought that the reading selection provides good statistics on poverty in the United States. The author writes that there are policies in place to help those who want to educate themselves to a better future. The author provides a bar graph that visually indicates that poverty is highest among Hispanic and Black Female-headed households and is also high in White Female-headed households relatively to Married couples. Another bar graph illustrates that the percentage of children living in poverty is highest in the United States relatively to other industrialized nations. The author males a good point when he writes that “America has a permanent underclass of unproductive citizens who prefer to live on welfare and whose children receive little education encouragement at home and grow up copies of their parents.” The author writes that public education is based on equality of opportunities; however, there are some controversial issues that parents raise on the subject. I thought that it is good that children in the United States have equal opportunity for public education, but what about higher education? If a high school diploma no longer guarantees a job that can lift a family out of poverty, what can the government do to increase the number of adults with college degrees or certified training? I believe there are ways reduce poverty in the United States. One way to…

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