Improving Organization Essay

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Improving Organization Retention Paper
PSY/435 Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Improving Organization Retention Paper
Operating an organization requires proficient communication and managerial skills. Businesses spend hours of gathering information to help companies in his or her productivity. However, to have a productive organization, the management, and staff must have competent skills. Hiring autonomous consultants is one way to organize businesses, growth of companies, and benefiting the process. Working as a consultant implementing work theories helps with job retention and recruitment. Recommending appropriate changes helps with employee productivity and increases job satisfaction. Fortunately,
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The use of two motivation theories will begin the process in correcting employee retention and recruitment.
The use of self-efficacy and reinforcement theories is ideal for correcting the problems existing at JC’s casino. Recruitment of new employees seems to be a problem within the casino and the retention of current employees. One method using reinforcement theory will help the business to keep current employees through use of a reward system while bringing in new employees for positions. Although JC’s casino’s pay scale is comparable to other casinos in the surrounding area, housekeeping director Keehn has concerns with finding reliable help because without new employee’s current employees working longer hours have to accommodate the casino’s wants and needs. The stress of the extra workload is hard for existing employees and his or her motivation to work has diminished.
Second, by using self-efficacy theory determines how individual’s beliefs about his or her own capabilities can affect one’s personal behavior, and the motivation to attempt to relate to another person’s abilities to achieve the task (Spector, 2008). The employees who exist at JC’s casino are not satisfied with his or her current position. The job description for housekeepers has changed significantly, giving the current staff more work hours than usually because of understaffing whereas, the dealer’s enthusiasm

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