Is It Ethical To Use Animals As Testing Subjects Essay

Is it ethical to use animals as testing subjects? This is a common question among us all, especially scientists, and various animal activists. Personally, the answer to this question is two-sided, because it is as wrong using animals as testing subjects, as it would be difficult to stop using them because that would mean no testing of drugs before administering them to humans. It is just wrong to think that a rat can be estimated to humans. Additionally, animals do not exhibit human diseases such as HIV, Alzheimer's disease and many more. Therefore, it sounds useless to think that testing drugs to these diseases using animals will give accurate results (Slattery & Cryan, 2012). Apart from this, using these animals as test subjects also greatly violates the animal rights, because animals just like humans have feelings and deserve to be treated right. However, if not for the use of these animals, the medicine world would be stagnant. However, the use of animals as testing subjects should be banned, because it greatly invades animals’ rights and puts the animals through a lot of pain and suffering.
First, animals should not be used as testing subjects because
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Therefore, the act of using them as test subjects is not justifiable by any means, especially because humans and animals do not have similar bodies, and some diseases such as HIV-AIDS do not attack animals. Hence, testing for such diseases’ drugs on animals may not offer conclusive results. Moreover, use of animal tests greatly infringes animal rights, because just like humans, animals also have their rights. Additionally, such tests greatly inflict a lot of pain and suffering to these animals, because some of the tests run on them are quite painful and in most cases deadly. Therefore, animals should be treated with consideration and care and not as test

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