Personal Reflective Essay: My Personal Preference In Theatre

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Theatre is a form of art that requires live performers in order to share imagined or real life events before a live audience. I feel that theatre helps people within society develop a sense of comfort when dealing with certain issues or dilemmas that are happening or have happened around the world. Individuals can also gain some sort of understanding toward an opposing view by relations within a theatrical atmosphere. Cultures are greatly affected by theatre through the feeling of entertaining relief. An ideal experience in theatre is one that can relate to an audience through intellect, emotion, and creativity. It is of utmost importance to create an intellectual environment within a production. By creating an intellectual environment, the …show more content…
I believe that it brings deeper meaning to a performance when the director/actor’s personal characteristics have been incorporated into their performance. Unlike Horace’s idea, who believed that it was important to keep genres apart like tragedy and comedy, I feel that the incorporation of two different genres can not only create a diverse atmosphere but also allow attention from society. Creativity is very important in theatre because it not only attracts an audience but it also helps the commercial perspective. The ability to teach and please an audience can be extremely difficult but with a diverse mentality, it can only help raise funding and bring a bigger budget for future performances. Instead of sticking to the same performances or dwelling on the past, a theatre should use the historical dramas and new ideas in order to draw attention to the new generation. I appreciate Antonin Artaud because he didn’t believe that script should be the primary source to drama. He did not suggest creativity but he did wish to substitute language for signs, symbols, and sounds. In order to help creativity evolve within a theatre, I believe that actors and directors should include the ideas of historic figures. I feel that this could help bring significance to theatre and generations to

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