Importance Of Thanksgiving

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In my large family we take the holidays and the meals that go along with them very seriously. The one in particular that is important and gives me the most joy is Thanksgiving. I enjoy spending time with family that lives to far to see often, and of course the food. While most are tucked in bed on those nights leading to Thanksgiving Day my family is awake, picking up other’s from the airport, going to the grocery store for forgotten items and cooking. Thanksgiving is always hosted at my parents’ house and that’s usually where most people would stay for the weekend. The dishes my parents are known for is peach cobbler, fried turkey, mac-n-cheese, and the best dressing your taste buds has ever tasted.
In high school, I remember getting home from school on a Tuesday afternoon
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As that starts to sizzle he takes the marinated turkey and adds the last seasonings before dunking it into the depths of the golden ocean of vegetable oil. As the evening approaches the living room becomes alive with talking and laughter filling the walls. Family from far and near the joins around our dining room table expressing the things they are grateful for. We then join hands to pray over the table of food that seems to go on for miles. As everyone packs food onto their plates I can hear the excitement in their voice when they get the macaroni or dressing and say more please. The fried turkey also gets lots of compliments. Our guest always say how it is so tender and juicy with crispy skin. Some people even have my dad to make the turkey for their family thanksgiving dinner. When it is time for dessert nothing hit the spot better than hot peach cobbler from the oven topped with freezing cold vanilla ice cream. After my family has eaten we sit around the television enjoying each other’s company and start to plan next year’s dinner

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