Reflective Essay On Thanksgiving At My Home

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Thanksgiving at my house is always crammed with mouthwatering food, and great fellowship between family members. Every year we gather to enjoy each other’s company, and devour some scrumptious food. One year we might congregate at grannies house, and another year we may meet up at uncle TJ’s. The location may change but the thanksgiving meal never does; it always consists of turkey, stuffing, and green bean casserole. Carving the turkey on thanksgiving has long been a tradition in my family. My dad and grandpa go Turkey hunting every year. If they are not able to get a turkey while hunting, then they will grudgingly go purchase one from the grocery store. Granny marinates the turkey all night with her special marinade. She makes the marinade from scratch, and says she will never unveil the recipes secretes. The …show more content…
I love the casserole so much that I help my mother make three large containers every year. At first, I never liked the idea of a recipe that calls for green beans and cream of mushroom soup. However, after I tried it for the first time I immediately loved it, and proceeded to serve myself a second plate. The taste is surprisingly heavenly and full of creamy flavor. I loved it so much that one year I asked for it to be made for my birthday. If we did not make three green bean casseroles then there would not be enough for everyone to have seconds, and we all love to have extra. Thanksgiving with my family is always a blast, with amazing food. The time spent with my family after being in school so long and not seeing them is refreshing.
The food is genuinely exquisite, and I look forward to it every year. The family tradition of hunting for a turkey will be carried on through the future men in our family. The recipes my family has used for years will be passed along to the next generation. Some things are bound to change, but the traditions we love and cherish will remain the

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