Effective Performance Management System

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In order to achieve the effective performance management system, following points need to be considered.
1. That a manager clarifies and communicates the organisation strategic goals

To be effective, the target must fulfil the requirement of your company and the needs of your employees. For your company, the goal must be a direct result of your short-term and long-term business strategy. For your staff, the goal must be clear, objective and understandable, otherwise it will quickly become disengaged. (Success factors, 2015).
2. Individuals goals and organisational objectives should be aligned

To achieve "unity of purpose" in your organization, you must first clear communicate strategic business objectives across your entire company. Target
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Periodically rating performance in a summary fashion
e. Rewarding good performance
To achieve the above mentioned points organisation must have a clear idea of critical success factors, and performance management culture, intended to emphasize personal responsibility and results
2. Business performance management culture
If performance is not checked at the organizational level then the review of individual performance has no sense. An enterprise performance management culture refers to the values and adhere to the senior management of the organization 's success is a measure of critical business factors. Clear hierarchical qualities and techniques and a scorecard approach to deal with measurement of business execution are the tools that support a performance management. (Kaplan, 1992)
3. Alignment
A method for guaranteeing the work of each individual is adjusted to the organization, that every individual understand their commitment and its significance. This is less demanding said than done, often there are clashes between sectors, for example, operations and deals.
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Commitment There should be responsibility to performance management from all levels. Senior management and HR staff, if the association has HR staff, must require appropriate and general use of the system.
Necessity to utilize alone is not adequate, the framework 's trustworthiness must be observed and reports distributed. Individuals just respect what you investigate. Senior directors are frequently great at making themselves special cases to performance management frameworks. This is inside damage. In the event that the framework is to have any believability there must be clear initiative from the top, it must be utilized by everybody. With a well-designed framework, genuine leadership and effective observing there will be solid responsibility at the supervisory and staff level.
7. System integrity
Planning a performance management framework is just the first step. Once planned and presented there must be an instrument for guaranteeing that the framework is

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