The Importance Of Human Resource Management In Performance Management

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Every organization needs method for managing the performance of their employees. Performance management is about setting goals, monitoring performance, and influencing behaviors. Additionally, performance management provides management with a formal way to provide valuable feedback to their employees. The objectives and responsibilities of within performance management should align with the company’s strategic plans. The human resource manager plays a key role in the process of managing performance (Snell, 2016).
The main duty of the human resource managers in the performance management system is to oversee and direct the process. In turn, the HRM must consider the organizations strategic plan by linking the employee objectives to it. This is critical in the development of the organizations overall goals. It is essential for human resources to consider the strategic relevance when developing performance standards. As explained by the author, “Strategic relevance refers to the extent to
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The number based scale can use a range of number to rate the employee, such as 1-5. For example, one could equal needs improvement and five equals significantly exceeds expectations. The same scenario can be used in the letter rating scale, with the letter A equaling needs improvement and the letter E would equal significantly exceeds expectations. These scales can provide a range from a three-level to a seven-level rating scale, depending on the range determined by the employer. According to the article, “Regardless of the number of points on a rating scale, each level must be clearly defined, used consistently by managers and fit with the organization’s culture” (SHRM, 2014). However, the evaluators should provide the employees with descriptions and example of how and why their rating was determined. This feedback is a critical component in employee when achieving goals (Snell,

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