Employee Behavior-Based Performance Evaluation System

Every organization needs method for managing the performance of their employees. Performance management is about setting goals, monitoring performance, and influencing behaviors. Additionally, performance management provides management with a formal way to provide valuable feedback to their employees. The objectives and responsibilities of within performance management should align with the company’s strategic plans. The human resource manager plays a key role in the process of managing performance (Snell, 2016).
The main duty of the human resource managers in the performance management system is to oversee and direct the process. In turn, the HRM must consider the organizations strategic plan by linking the employee objectives to it. This
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Behavior-based performance includes the employees specific actions displayed while on the job. For example, the employee was consistently ten minutes late to a scheduled meeting several weeks in a row. This behavior is specific action of what should not be exhibited on the job. Trait-based performance appraisal considers the employees attributes such as leadership skills, integrity, stewardship, and dependable. For example, an employee makes a mistake and is honest about the mistake without trying to falsify the situation that caused the mistake is a display of integrity. When the employee acts with honesty and does the right thing all of the time, the appraiser can rate their performance based on the trait of integrity. Lastly, result- based performance appraisals highlight the achievements of the employee. The results are usually driven by quantitative data. For example, the employee’s performance standard produces ten “stats” per hour and they meet or exceed that goal consistently. As a result, their data shows this employee would receive a high rating in productivity. All three of these methods have both advantages and disadvantages; each one provides a starting point for a manager to evaluate how well their employee is preforming. As stated by the creator, “Even a rudimentary system, when used properly, can initiate a …show more content…
The job responsibilities include customer service and ensuring that the customer has the best experience possible, both internally and externally. The job posting states, “demonstrate relationship attributes, practiced listening techniques, negotiation skills, and conflict resolution skills” (Maersk). The best way to evaluate would be the managers observing these actions. For example, the manager could hold a role-playing session where the employee has to act out scenarios that the Customer Service-CARE Business Partner would encounter. Based on the employees actions, the manager can determine if the can fulfil the requirement of the job. In turn, a feedback session, based on these results, can assist in the employee development (Snell, 2016).
Performance rating scales are used to measure the performance of the employee being evaluated. According to the SHRM article, “These scales are commonly used because they provide quantitative assessments, are relatively easy to administer and assist in differentiating between employees” (SHRM, 2014). There is a variety of different rating scales available for organizations to use when rating an employee’s performance. For example, the company can choose from graphic scales, letter scales, and numeric

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