Importance Of Success In Technology

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This is what I will demonstrates my motivation to succeed in my future. In my mind, I want to have a big dream where I can enjoy my careers of technology that can combine with art to have more of the graphical design. Sometime, there is a challenge where it can stop me and I know that in my past where I didn 't know what I wanted to do and wanted to be alone to find myself a journey where there is a opportunity to find what I 'm go at and what I like the most of. There are tone of ways that I can chose but it 's hard to chose the right career that can allow me to chose the job easier to start a good life. I want to help people that want to fix computers, teaching them how to use computers, building parts of computer, giving tips, and others …show more content…
I choose my motivating of field of technology of hardware that it was very fun to take parts, learning to understand, and lot of thing that I can learn more of hardware technology. Not just this, but also other components of technology and some know of networking would allow me to provide the purpose of what I want to do. Also, I love to draw all kinds of pictures. I 'm also really interest in graphic design. During my high school year, I took a computer graphics I and II, I really like this class, where we learned tones of ways to take photographs, customize the picture of design, record the video to allow editing it, creating a websites, and others cool ways to do. There are my motivating that would going to these field of my choice.

How this foundation scholarship will help me meet my life goals is to help me find out what I 'm good at and what field that I 'm interesting in (like hardware technology and maybe graphical design). I am learning something new even thought at the same time that are some challenges that can put to the test of the skills. It will also assist me to explore through the campus additional experience that it can help me building up of additional career goal for easy future planning ahead of

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