Personal Narrative: My Employee Practitioner

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I would say that I am a pretty energetic person. I also know when I need to be serious and composed. I like to express my emotion and often get emotionally overwhelmed and cry. For example, if a client was sharing a deep emotional story I would have a difficult time keeping my composure. However, it would be my responsibility to just be an attentive listener and be their support system. This happens in sadness, in anger, in stress, in confrontation with my emotions and other people.
I would say that I am a pretty good listener but I have difficulty with recalling short term memory. I also have a hard time with speaking out of turn. I often interrupt other people and add my input in fear that I will forget it. For instance when listening to a client disclosing any information to me I would need to know when to hold my tongue and not speak out of turn. I need to learn to take notes, like writing down my comments and keeping records about important information that the client shares to go back and reference as needed. I would day that I have a shorter attention span then the typical person because I suffer
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I often don’t want to try harder tasks because I don’t want to fail or make mistakes. This could become a big problem with any future client because if I am not confident in my ability to provide adequate treatment for them why would that have confidence in me. Though I do have problems with my self-confidence, I am gradually becoming more confident because of college. Studying in the OTA program is pushing me to levels of difficulty I never thought I could reach. I would say that I am not a confrontational person and avoid confrontation whenever possible. I am not confident in my ability to speak effectively when put on the spot with confrontation because of my stutter. However, I do find confrontation easier to overcome when I have people with me, backing me

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