Importance Of Speed Reading

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Reading is one of the four basic skills in learning a language. As one of the language skills, reading plays an important role since it has become a part of our daily life. Through reading, people can gain information, knowledge, pleasure, and problem solution. English language learners, specifically, use reading as a means to obtain information from English sources. Therefore, the good ability to read various forms of text will give great benefits in people’s life, such as gaining success in schools, universities, and other educational institutions. In other words, with strengthened reading skills, learners will improve more and accomplish better development in academic areas (Anderson, 1999: 1).
The ability to read is crucial in this modern
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Whiteley (2004: 39) conveys that “fluency is the ability to read the words and sentences quickly.” Nation (2009: 2) also adds that the best-known kind of fluency development is speed reading in which learners focus on increasing their reading rate while still keeping up good comprehension. So, one of the characteristics of the good and fluent reader is skilled in reading fast and accurately. This skill is determined by how many words people can read in a minute (WPM). There are two major types of speed reading: skimming and scanning.
However, most students, especially English language learners, still have low ability in speed reading. They find it difficult to read faster, particularly for skimming. It is hard for them to read the text in a rapid way while obtaining general ideas of the text they have read. Moreover, since English is not their native language, speed reading becomes more difficult for them to do. This can lead them to have bad performance in doing assignments and on reading test such as mid-term or final semester examination and TOEFL
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“Regression is the act of moving the eyes backward to reread the words and sentences that have already read” (Sutz & Weverka, 2009: 33). In reading, the eyes normally move from left to right. Nevertheless, instead of moving to the next word, the eyes often move backward, or regress, to reread a word or some previous words. The willing to reread the word or words may be affected by the feeling of less confidence, the feeling of misunderstanding, or the unsure feeling in reading a word or words (Soedarso, 2005).
Lastly, lack of speed reading practice is the last factor that makes it hard for students to read faster. Skimming and scanning may be included in reading course. However, the reading activities are still not emphasized in reading class by the lecturers. As a result, students may not be accustomed with speed reading. This unfamiliarity of reading fast may be an aspect that makes students slow in their

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