A Good Story By Sherman Alexiie Summary

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Alexie, Sherman. “A Good Story.” The St. Martin’s Guide to Writing. Eds. Rise B. Alexrod, Charles R.
Cooper. Ninth Edition. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2010. 557-560. Print. Alexie Sherman is a well-educated Native American Indian, who had published several poems and novels, as well as screen plays. Sherman’s short stories such as “A Good Story informs readers “if you want to hear a good story, you have to listen” (Sherman558). The main point in his stories is to listen to his words carefully and we will understand other stories better than before. As I read his short story, called “The Story” we can see how Alexie grabs his reader’s attention. Upon reading these short stories written by Sherman Alexie, I
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Since then Alexie has published several poetry collections and four novels, as well as two screen plays. Given the fact he was in college and had a great career in writing, I believe Alexie has been very informative in his career as a writer. This also shows he has high credibility of a great …show more content…
“Literary Reading in Dramatic Decline, NEA Report Says.”Authorlink. Authorlink, 15 July 2004. Web. 25 March 2015. In an article called “Literary Reading in Dramatic Decline, Says” NEA confirmed in “This report documents a national crisis “(Authorlink557). The point in this article is to grab reader’s attention towards the fact that reading is fundamental. Reading helps the growth in today’s society, as well as teach the uneducated. Other advantages of reading is it’s informative to those who take the time to read as well as want to know specific answers. In conclusion of reading, “Literary reading in Dramatic Decline”, I have come to understand how important it is to continue a steady reading flow. This is specifically directed towards readers between ages of 18 to 24 done in a recent 20 year survey. Within reading this article I myself can concur in the recent conclusion done in the survey of the dramatic decline in readers. The article focuses its attending audience urging this as a national crisis. Although reading is on a steady decline, on the contrary writing is on an amazing increase according to this

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