Social Media In Diplomacy Practice That Affects Foreign Policy Decisions

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The development of Internet & Important Role of Social Media in Diplomacy Practice that Affects Foreign Policy Decisions of the United States
Diplomacy can be defined as the ability/skills conducted by the professional diplomats who represent their respective countries and discussed issues relating to peace, war, economics, and culture. Another term also can be defined as business interests of a country through its representatives in other countries. The purpose of diplomacy is to strengthen the relationship between the state, helping to achieve the interests of a country (economy and political necessity, for example), negotiation, representing, reporting as well as making foreign policy. According to David W Siegel, diplomacy is
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There are so many benefits when people can access the Internet because we can venture into another country (through the virtual world of course) without having to go there. People can also communicate, transact (doing business) over the internet. And there are many more benefits that we can if we are in this virtual world.
The existence of the Internet can facilitate or expedite a job. For example, there are some data from one office to be delivered to another offices, it can take advantage of media delivery of electronic mail (e-mail) that would use the internet. In terms of relations with people, the internet also has a very big role. The large number of forums and social networks today can help anyone to know each other. It is also one of the benefits of the Internet for the public. Moreover, the benefit of social networking is also to strengthen the friendship and making our practice to socialize
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Media is seeking information or data, the rapid development of internet, making www as one important source of information and accurate. Ease of getting information on the Internet so that people know what is happening in the rest of the world today. Not to mention it can be used as a land of information for education, culture, and also the ease of transacting and doing business in the fields of

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