Positive Guidance: The Six Life Skills

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Positive guidance is finding ways to strengthen the life skill that is causing the negative behavior. Positive guidance is important because we need the six life skills to thrive in the world. The six life skills we need are attachment, belonging, self-regulation, collaboration, contribution and adaptability. Attachment is when a child forms a bond with one or more adults that are part of the child’s family or that are not part of the child’s family like a teacher. Belonging is when a child feels like they are a part of their family, community and class. Self-regulation is when a child understands and knows how to manage their emotions. Collaboration is when a child knows how to work and play with other children. Contribution is when they use …show more content…
There are many different types of books or journals that can be made to help show their growth and hopes for the future. Some of these books are the important book that shows each of the children’s unique and special qualities, how I am growing journal that records the child’s stepping stones and hope books that talks about what they hope will happen in the future. Children can help make a helping hands tree to show how others are helpful or a random act of kindness board to help them recognize any kind of act within their classroom. Teachers can teach the children to verbally say thank you and how to write a thank you note.

There are plenty of different activities that help teach each of the life skills which in return support learning. By working on life skills you are helping your students or child to thrive in the world and are supporting their learning. These life skills are important to teach your children because without them then they cannot fully learn how to be a part of a community. These skills help children to learn how to interact with adults and other children. They teach children how to empathize with others, how to work with others, how to contribute to their families and community, and how to

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