Essay on Importance of Selection of Sales People

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Discuss the importance of recruitment and selection of sales people. What are some of the problems associated with selecting the wrong person for the job?

Sales people are the front line of many businesses in the sales division. If a business has a shop front where customers come and have to inquire about potential purchases, current purchases or prior purchases then more often than not a salesperson is their first port of call. While it may appear that technology and self service are up and coming replacements for salespeople there is still definitely reason to employ qualified staff. It is for this reason that the recruitment and selection process is an important part of any business when hiring sales people. Selecting the wrong
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The article makes particular reference to the fact that as a response to growing diversity, increasing multiculturalism, and a need to understand minority consumers means that minority professionals in the recruitment sections of workplace is of exceeding importance (Perkins, Thomas, and Taylor 2000).
By the introduction of minority professionals, it means that there can be a focus particularly on directing sales at minority consumers as the professionals are specifically selected for their experience. As a result this mitigates further problems for a business as they have gone through particular selection criteria ensuring that they aren’t the wrong person for the job. In particular for marketing to minorities by making the mistake of picking the wrong sales person could mean that a business potentially loses a whole minority market segment.
With the rise in companies turning to the internet to make sales and it means that the customers they do have in store they want to also have an easy and worthwhile experience. In this regard it makes sense that recruiting more experienced or “the right” people for the job is of great concern to a business. Burke (2002) talks about how there has come to be certain expectations from

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