Importance Of Selection And Training Plan

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Selection and Training Plan Selection is a complex occurrence that entails a number of processes that are followed in order to choose an appropriate and most qualified individual to fill a particular post. One individual is picked among all the people who had applied for the position (Dubois 2004). Training, on the other hand, involves several processes that are done to instill the right skills, knowledge and attitudes in the selected candidate (Dubois 2004). It is meant to ensure that the selected candidate is equipped and ready to help the company achieve its objectives (Dubois 2004). The Nestle community believes that, ‘In order to gain competitive advantage, it is critical to attract and retain the most talent.’ Therefore, to choose a …show more content…
Therefore, verbal aptitude tests will be carried out to gauge the candidates’ capabilities to quickly process verbal information and to make accurate and creative decisions. Correspondingly, mechanical reasoning tests will also be given to evaluate the candidates’ problem solving capabilities and their ability to cope with stress. After passing these first three test, the applicant will then complete an online Numerical reasoning test. The test is meant to evaluate the contenders’ capabilities to use numerical information to make business related decisions. After passing the pre-employment test stage, the applicant will have to show the assessors that they have what it takes to be the Leader of District Sales at Nestle. Hence, the candidate will have to take part in several exercises.
1. Group Work The applicant will be given a short reading material. They will then be expected to hold a discussion on the issues that have been brought out from the articles. The assessors will then grade the candidate’s level of involvement in the discussion. The candidate will also be expected to make a satisfactory conclusion from the reading.
2. In-tray Exercise The candidate will be provided with journals outlining the possible scenarios that are likely to occur at Nestle. They will then be expected to make notes after which they will carry out specific functions related to these
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The Required New Employee Training
The newly hired employee will undergo a training program. The training is meant:
1. To Ensure continued productivity
2. To ensure a consistent performance management
3. To ensure a high product quality is maintained
4. To familiarize the leader to the other employees, to ensure a good relationship between them. First, the employee will be introduced to the rest of the team. An experienced worker will be expected to guide the new District Sales Leader on how things are carried out in the company, that is, to show ‘the new hand the rope.’ The leader will be made familiar with the company policies, processes, procedures. They will also be trained on how to use the different equipment at the company. The new employee will also be enlightened about health and safety procedures at the company. The effectiveness of the training will finally be assessed. The reaction of the new employee towards the training will first be evaluated. This will help understand how well the training was received by the employee. The company will consequently gauge whether the learning objectives have been achieved. Lastly, the company will look for a change in behavior in the new

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