How To Write A Reflective Essay On School Psychology

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Knowledge from the Field
School psychologists play a central role in helping students succeed academically, socially and psychologically. As the population of students that are culturally and linguistically diverse continues to grow as does the need for competent school psychologists. As a school psychologist your role is largely focused on your communication with parents, administrators, teachers and other personnel. The information presented can include, but is not limited to, assessment results, data collection, educational programs, and services. For this reason it is essential to develop the skills necessary to communicate in a manner, which meets all the needs of those, we serve.
My observations during my fieldwork hours for this semester further emphasized the importance of communication skills and relationship building. The ability to possess both qualities will ensure your success as a school psychologist and most important the success of the students you serve. As observed within my fieldwork hours these qualities take time and effort to create and build, however they are worth the sacrifices to ensure a positive, productive and successful environment for all.
Prior to gaining an understanding of
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He suggested that IEP meetings should be scheduled by the school psychologist. These scheduling conversations lead to a personal connection with parents. School psychologists can acquire relevant culture-specific knowledge. Parents are much more willing to disclose personal information to an individual as opposed to the completion of a questionnaire that is typically sent home with the student. This is a best practice I look forward to implementing as a school psychologist. I was able to observe firsthand the benefits it provides to parents, students and

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