Cultural Analysis Of Tesco

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Generating £358billion in retail sales alone in 2016, the retail industry in critical to the United Kingdom economy. The UK has approximately 287,000 retail outlets. The retail industry is categorized in seven sections convenience store, specialty store, supermarket, discount store, department store; warehouse/direct retailer, and online store. Retail stores in the United Kingdom vary in size and categories. A gender ratio profile of 58:42 women and men working in retail stores, while 66% of all retail employee work for the largest 75 retail companies in the UK. Tesco, the number one grocery and general merchandise retailer operates 3,739 stores across the UK. Tesco provides six different store layouts that vary in size and range of product, …show more content…
Local- individual city, town or local district, and ultra-local is individual immediate geographic community. Regional- associated with either metropolitan, the county or broader geographic area. National- particularly associated with the devolved nations, due to their strong sense of cultural identity and devolution of national level. The types of media are 1300 title local and regional newspapers; 325 local radio stations; channel 3 television (8 TV bulletins in England, 2 in Scotland, 1 in Wales, and 1 in Northern Ireland); 12 main program plus. 3 English BBC regional TV news channels; local TV which has a limited number of cable/satellite channels; BBC local and nation radio (40 local stations in England- 2 national services in Wales, 2x Scottish national service); over 150 broadcasting community radio stations; and the …show more content…
Newspaper advertising also has two different option, which are local, or national newspaper advertising. Local advertising vary greatly but you can expect to pay £250 ($347.92) for a quarter page. While national newspaper are expensive, costing over £30,000 ($41,750.10) for a full-page colour ad in The Daily Mail.
The cost of internet advertising is between £0.66 and £1.32 (U.S. $0.92- $1.84) cost-per-click for a google ad. Other media, like advertising in cinema movie theaters can be as low as £95 ($132.21) per week, while major UK advertisers spending millions of pounds annually. Advertising on social media is much cheaper than traditional advertising. The cost of advertising on Facebook is up to how much you want to spend. Additionally, hiring a marketing agency can cost between £1,200 and £5,000 (U.S. $1,670- $6,958.35) a month, depending on need.
Lastly, the population percentage of each media is as followed: Television is about 60% attraction of total viewing, which accounts for 23% of advertising. Radio is about 90% popularity of all people. Print media is about 70% of adult population. Online is close to 80% of the population use, which is about 20% of advertising

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